Chirascan Q100

제조사: Applied Photophysics
용도: 전자동화 시스템, 단백질 2차 구조분석, 변형 단백질 구조 분석


세계 최초 전자동화 Quantitative Dircular Dichroism


 Robot type Fixed probe, x-y-z robot with 96-well plate advanced liquid handling technology
 Capacity 2 x 96-well titre plate ( Optional 4 x 96-well titre plate)
 Productivity CD Scans -Up to 200 samples in 24 hours
Multi-λ thermal denaturation-Up to 16 samples in 24 hours
 Sample usage far-UV Typically 35μg – 70μg (approximately 60μL at 0.6 – 1.3mg/ml)
 Sample usage near-UV  750μL of sample required out of which 85% can be recovered
 Enclosure  Full, front access, interlocked (option for fully vented enclosure available
 Sample environment (storage)  Micro plate temperatures individually Peltier controlled
 Sample environment (cuvette)  Peltier controlled
 Bench space 200 x 120 x 75cm (W x H x D)



Absolute CD spectra can be measured for the first time using the new,
non-chemical, multi-point CD calibration standard




Increased productivity – fully integrated, unattended operation




HOS comparison module (qBiC) enables comparison of spectroscopic data
to establish the statistical significance of differences between spectra.





Characterisation of structural, thermodynamic and aggregation properties in a single,
manual run takes typically 70 minutes, due to unique thermal ramping capabilities.