SynTQ FM( Flexible Manufacturing)

제조사 : Optimal Industrial Automation

용도 : 공장자동화 관리 시스템, PAT Data Management System


[The fully flexible PAT Knowledge Manager for all applications from the Laboratory to Manufacturing.]

What Need Does synTQ Fulfill?

PAT Tools

In the PAT framework as defined by the FDA, the provision and integration of the following tools are required:
1.  Process analyzers
2. Univariate instruments and data sources
3. Multivariate tools for design, data acquisition and analysis
4. Process control tools
5. Continuous Improvement and knowledge management tools

SynTQ provides a framework for linking these systems together and an environment for Continuous Improvement

  • Interface with multiple analytical instruments
  • Exchange data with multiple automation systems
  • Provide interfaces to MVA packages
  • It is vendor neutral in all its interfaces
  • Provide an efficient environment for Process Model building
  • Measure & predict Product Quality in real time
  • Enable Process Understanding
  • Take action and Control your process to optimize quality
  • Store ALL DATA in a regulatory compliant way

SynTQ has been designed to facilitate Real time Release Testing

  • It provides an environment for asset management of all your spectral instruments, Models and Methods
  • It operates in a regulatory compliant way
  • To achieve this with bespoke software is a huge and expensive effort
  • Bespoke system maintenance would be difficult

For the Pharmaceutical Industry it is Fundamental to the Implementation of Process Analytical Technology

So Who Needs synTQ?

  • Chemometricians
  • Process Scientists
  • Manufacturing
  • Regulatory